Welcome to iGifts And Cards News

Welcome to iGifts And Cards News

(Cherry Blossom (Red Cover) 3D Pop Up Greeting Card)

Welcome to our News section; where you can receive the latest news about us. Here you will find light articles about upcoming company news, stories, new/upcoming pop up card designs, card discounts/deals, and various fun posts about our unique 3D Pop Up Greeting Cards.

For our loyal patrons please enjoy our website, but for the newcomers, we are iGifts And Cards, your number one source for all 3D Pop Up Greeting Cards. We have been serving our community since 2015 and continue to provide our friends the world's greatest 3D Pop Up Greeting Cards!

We have hundreds of 3D Pop Up Greeting Cards to choose from: Baby Shower to 80th Birthday, Valentine’s Day to 50th Wedding Anniversary, Graduation to Retirement, Fitness to Get Well. We also carry those hard to find pop up cards like Hanukkah, La Quinceañera, Pride, Mid-Autumn Festival, Police Retirement/Promotion, Priest Ordination and much more.

We don't just stop there, we can also customized cards to match your occasion (minimum order required)! Ask us how, by communicating with us through our Contact Us Page OR email us at info@igiftsandcards.com.

Our designs are fun, cute, original, and exquisite, more importantly most of our inspirations come from the suggestions of our patrons, people like you! It is our passion to assist you to connect to the people you care with our elegant pop up cards.

(Red Wine 3D Pop Up Greeting Card)


Well that's all we have for your today. Keep an eye out for our next post!
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