We are excited to announce we are now partnering with Parent Teacher Associations, Youth Sporting Clubs and Organizations to provide a fundraising program. This program will earn money for your program and allow people to connect with loved ones with 3-dimensional pop up cards for any holiday or occasion. Are you ready to make money for your program while making people smile? Please fill out our questionnaire for more information!


What is an iGifts And Cards?

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Valentine's Day a Shower, Wedding or Birthday iGifts and Cards are more than a card to send someone you love.
When a person opens a 3D pop-up iGifts And Cards you are sharing in their experience of fun, festive, celebration.

Why should we choose iGifts And Cards as a fundraiser?

iGifts And Cards provide creative, one of a kind cards that allow you to give friends and family a WOW experience. In this day of technology our unique 3 dimensional cards that pop open are a great way for kids of all ages to send greetings or a hello!

How long will it take for cards to be delivered?

We normally ship our cards within 2 to 3 business days using ground delivery. Deliveries can be expedited for an additional fee.

What is our minimum order?

The minimum order is one card. Please keep in mind that due to iGifts And
Cards only charge a $0.99 flat rate shipping for unlimited cards shipping. It is recommended that you order more than one card to save on shipping.

Am I going to get a stack of cards to sort when our order is delivered?

iGifts And Cards promotions are operated via our online store. Your students will receive a website address and individualized promotion code to use when placing orders. All cards will be shipped to the person who orders them online. You will receive reports once a month throughout the promotion of the total amount raised, and amount per person.

Can our promotion run throughout the year or is it for a specific period?

You will be able to determine the length of your promotion. We have found successful fundraising campaigns occur when you have a target start and end date.
With our exciting holiday cards celebrating Christmas and Valentines Day you will benefit by planning 2-3 campaigns throughout the year.
We also have Shower, Wedding and Birthday cards that will be a celebration the recipient will remember forever.

How do we get started?

We are looking forward to talking to you about how we can help your organization earn the money you need to support your activities.
Please send us an email at: INFO@IGIFTSANDCARDS.COM and we will get started!

What organizations can participate in fundraisers?

Organizations that participate in fundraisers include:
• Booster Clubs
• Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts
• Camps
• Cheerleading Squads
• Church Groups
• Sports Teams
• Parent Teacher Organizations
• Schools
• School Affiliated Bands
• Sororities, Fraternities
• Student Councils

What percentage of sales from the fundraising event does my organization receive?

20% of all pre-tax sales from the event will be donated directly to your organization. A check will be issued 4 to 6 weeks following your event. Gift card purchases are excluded from fundraising totals. Your fundraiser guests are required to enter a special code at the time of purchase that is designated to your organization. Once the order is completed, the 20% of all the pre-tax sales will be automatic store in your organization account.

When can my organization starts the fundraiser?

After filling out brief questionnaire, we will contact you within a week of your status. Once you get approved, a special fundraiser code and the code expiration date will be issued to your organization. Feel free to share the code with anyone interested to be part of the fundraiser. Please make sure to tell your customers, enter the code at the time of purchase, as we won’t back date the code for any organization.

When can I expect my fundraiser check?

We will make arrangement with each organization to evaluate the time frame, as each organization is unique.