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Animals Birthday 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

Animals Birthday 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

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An adorable entourage of animals is en route to celebrate the birthday of a special someone! This fun popup card features a lovable puppy, a baby elephant, and a busy monkey. An orange convertible is stuffed with presents and balloons to attend this special birthday celebration. This unique children's card is sweet and fun for a little tyke in your life.


Dimensions and Suitable for

Close: 5" W X 7" L

Open: 10" W X 7" L X 3.25" H

Suitable for

  • Kids
  • Grandsons
  • Granddaughters
  • Sons
  • Daughters
  • Godsons
  • Goddaughters
  • Nephews
  • Nieces
  • Brothers
  • Sisters


  • Kid's Birthday
  • Son's Birthday
  • Daughter's Birthday
  • Granddaughter's Birthday
  • Grandson's Birthday
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