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Hanukkah 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

Hanukkah 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

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A well-designed Hanukkah Menorah pop up card for anyone who is celebrating this prestigious event. Our menorah comes complete with nine pop up glowing candles, along with the Star of David and a dreidel on the outer corners. This card can be used as a card or a gift. 

Dimensions and Suitable for

Close: 6" W X 6" L

Open: 12" W X 6" L X 4.75" H


Suitable for

  • Families
  • Jewish Friends
  • Fathers
  • Mothers
  • Brothers
  • Sisters
  • Sons
  • Relatives
  • In-Laws
  • BFFs
  • Clients
  • Colleagues


  • Happy Hanukkah
  • Happy Chanukkah
  • Happy Holidays
  • Happy Festival of Lights
  • Thinking of You
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