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La Quinceañera (Red) 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

La Quinceañera (Red) 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

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La Quinceañera is a significant event for a young lady, that is why we designed a perfect card for this special occasion. Our Quinceañera is wearing a fabulous pink and red long-length dress, holding a bouquet of red flowers in her hands. Along with her fancy hairstyle, because she knows today is the day when all eyes are on her. This card is an ideal card for this perfect occasion.


Dimensions and Suitable for

Close: 6" W X 6" L

Open: 12" W X 6" L X 5.5'' H

Suitable for

  • Daughters
  • Granddaughters
  • Sisters
  • Nieces
  • BFFs
  • Classmates
  • Cousins
  • Stepdaughters
  • Goddaughters


  • Happy 16th Birthday
  • Sweet 16th Milestone Birthday
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